New and Improved 3D Glasses

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3D really has evolved

When I first saw the new 3D glasses, it really made me wonder how they would work. This is what you get for thinking 3D movies still used the old technique which required the red and blue filaments to create the 3D effect. Ahh the good old days… but man the new glasses worked like a charm! It truly brought out the textures and volume of all the elements within the movie without having to reduce the film to a red and blue blur. I’m still a dominant fan of 2D animation but there are certain things that I admit look good in 3D…including our current reality…although wouldn’t it be interesting if we actually were 2D?…


It’s quite amazing and sometimes amusing to see the advancement in technology.  Such small things such as a pair of 3D glasses can make experiencing a movies much more enjoyable.

We can see the advancement in technology all around us, with new computers, new software (I really enjoy Windows 7 btw), new cars and new things that help us with everyday life.  Frankly speaking its a positive and negative thing, positive because it makes our work easier.  Negative because since it makes our work easier we not only take it for granted, but with each generation people get lazier and lazier.  So that means as people get smarter and build more innovative things, our future generations will get lazier resulting in a decline of productivity!  Counter-productivity at its finest!

Well regardless, no matter how innovative or advanced our technology gets, it does not justify people touching me…  I should stamp a sign on my back…  “Do not Touch – teh r3cca”


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