Anticipation for after-credit bonus

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Credits delayed this comic

Haha forgive me >.< One of the reasons why this strip wasn’t uploaded sooner was because I didn’t know what to put for the credits and was initially too lazy to look for proper titling for credit lines. But now I’ve gotten it over with I was able to muster up some motivation again.

Just to tell you, I actually do not mind staying after the movie to go through the credits and see what might be at the end even if there isn’t anything. I’m sure most people would understand some movies do this to get people to sit through and see all the people who had put in a lot of effort to create the movie. But I also know even those moments do not guarantee people remembering your name. So kudos to you all for the hard work!


To get through life, one must be able to thoroughly communicate his or her ideas/thoughts to those around them.  Communication is a key part of day to day life and is essential for both growth and maturity for all ages.

That is… if you have anything meaningful to communicate about, which unfortunately I do not.

*cough*writers block*cough*


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