It’s not pink

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It was "pinkish"

Technically this discussion revolved around a magenta-coloured container but you couldn’t call the container red…
On the subject of pink, you have to wonder where the stigma of pink for guys came from, since when we mix white to form lighter versions of other primary and secondary colours, they aren’t considered as taboo as “light red”. I’ve seen guys wear pink before…in Europe…I guess they aren’t afraid to break that feminine view on pink. Or maybe this relation to associating pink to a feminine class is because red was used to represent the heart, which people associated with emotions and feelings, which was considered weak for guys to express in the not so distant past. What do I say to that? Girls like guys who can truthfully express their feelings 😛


/watches as my nose grows longer

One fine day, a rather heavy debate took place to determine the proper notation used to define the colour of a co-workers fruit container.  At first speculation one would call it magenta, or “pink”.  At the sudden remark of hearing the word pink the co-worker began to defend it deeming it as the more manly version of the colour “red”.

To that thought we began comparing the variations of red vs pink, going from the fruit that was actually contained within the container (that being a red apple), to lamp’s that were on people’s desks.  Even still my co-worker never accepted the thought of the container being “pink” and firmly stood his ground that the container was red.  From a technical standpoint he wasn’t wrong per say.  It is red, a lighter version of red; which correctly notated would be called pink.

We never did reach an agreement; the see-sawing debate continued to proceed for 5-10 minutes until my co-worker finally decided to create his own colour “man red”.  The container was said to be this new colour concluding the debate due to people’s inability to stop laughing.

Nevertheless…  after that day I have yet to see him bring the “man red” container to work anymore; I wonder why…


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