Consensus of Man-Red

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The final verdict

This discussion should have ended a while ago but the topic itself was too humorous at the time not get at least one more opinion in. And no one could say it best than the ring leader for the developers himself. Too bad in this case, the developer in question couldn’t get his man-red idea to stick as a new trend. Although it was the word of the day for a good week or two. Even now, you can hear the faint echoing of man-red come up in conversations now and then.

It’s impressive on its own to be able to make a word, phrase, idea or product into something that can still be talked about after it has long past its initial “newness” stage. That is something all marketers and advertisers strive to do. Maybe our said developer has that type of talent…or maybe he just doesn’t like to loose :p


If only it existed… srsly…

Personally I prefer blue over red but that’s just me.  I wonder if there will be such a shade as “man blue”, maybe the concept of purple could be used as man blue.  I’m on to something here!

/runs off to patent man blue


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