Instant error generator

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If everything were easy as pressing a button

…this would be one boring world in my opinion :p Because then it would be normal for everything to be done with a press of a button and there wouldn’t be any element of surprise. Plus people would get a lot lazier the easier things got. It is very apparent if you compare today’s generation with previous generations that didn’t have as many privileges and luxuries as we do now. In all honesty our society now a days is a bit ridiculous because they tend to forget that the things they have are not a right, they are a privilege.

With that said, I partially blame my laziness on this society!…not really… but I do promise I will try to catch up with a lot of the months i missed updating a strip…whether my “try” is good enough to keep me going with updating 2 strips a week is another story…


As the saying goes, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  Quite true most of the time, even in the programming world.  As people gain more experience and learn techniques, they become more adapt at solving problems; however they also become more tunnel visioned.  That is to say, they become very narrow minded in terms of solving problems.

However!  This isn’t always the case for our QA hero as he never seems to stop learning new tricks.  He now responds to user action and has become more adept at fulfilling his role of breaking the applications.  In this case poking him resulted in several error messages to pop up.  Quite frankly it was a little scary but amazing.


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