Convenient food storage

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Guys and their big pockets...

Even though this incident actually happened when our co-worker was making lunch at his desk and it was myself asking him the question, I thought I’d mix up the scenery a little (and apparently Shoutei-kun hasn’t been getting enough exposure or so I’m told…)

But in any case, it’s very interesting to see how big the pockets on a guy’s pants really are and how much they can fit in it >_>; My brother always complains about my small pockets because he believes the pockets should be big enough to at least fit his PSP in. You see girls have something called a purse or handbag to take care of larger items.

Now to store meat in your pocket…it was definitely a first for me to see. Guys sure can be “resourceful” at times when it comes to storage…


I don’t know about any of you guys, but I definitely would not eat meat that came from someones pocket.  I don’t care how well wrapped it is, saran wrap… zip lock bags etc.  Go ahead list the many ways of wrapping meat be creative about it; to me it all becomes irrelevant when you pull it out of your pocket.


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