Out of Office Bonding

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Rice Cafe Movie

For those who are fans of my previous web comic Rice Cafe, I’m sure you’ll notice the little cameo of them within this strip ūüėČ

One final note, for updates and random nonsense about my absolutely boring life, be sure to check me out on twitter. Bai for now


True story. ¬†If life gives you free apples, try to resist or you may get stuck watching a movie instead of doing something more productive; like sitting around on your chair staring at your computer screen doing absolutely nothing. ¬†Productive indeed…

My sister has unfortunately been rather swamped with a lot of work due to upcoming events and or random spurs of laziness that happens to kick in during the phases of her day. ¬†Rest assured updates will come! ¬†When… I don’t know, how many? ¬†I still don’t know… ¬†However! ¬†I do know that… ¬†I like using ellipses…


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