The nature of hair growth

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Faster regrowth

I bet you with the title for this comic, my google adsense will be spitting out useless ads about hair growth for balding haha…But just to explain for those who may not know, guys tend to notice their facial hair grow back faster the more they shave. Maybe waxing might be better? 😀

Geh I’ll stop talking about that subject and state right now…I’ve run out of juice haha so pray that the next update won’t take too long 😉


Normally speaking the instance of shaving occurs once a week.  However, the more shaving that occurs the faster the facial hair grows in.  So as a result more shaving needs to occur, in which case the facial hair grows even faster.  It’s a never-ending cycle, one could call it a losing battle.

What’s worse is for an anti-morning person such as myself I tend to have a hard time getting earlier then my usually scheduled time.  Getting up 10-15 minutes earlier to shave would require to much effort, heck I wouldn’t even get up earlier during holidays so that I could make productive use of my mornings; so to get up earlier to do something that will end up screwing me over in the end?  Perish the thought…


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