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Lotions with strong scents

Preferably, I like fruity smelling lotions and body products because I find them more subtle than floral smelling ones. And even if the floral scents don’t smell as strong before application, they always seem to get stronger after you apply it…But it isn’t so bad for girls to smell pretty 😉


Here I was minding my own business, actually doing work when suddenly a beastly smell had approached my way.

I’m not sure how many of you have had the smell of lotions applied to your clothing before, but the stuff just doesn’t come off (at least not until you wash your clothes).  That being said, I have nothing against girls wearing lotion, what I am against is when they decide to use that very same lotion and apply it to one such as myself…

Personally speaking as a guy I rather not have a flowery or fruity or any other “pretty” scent being applied to my clothing for a 7.5 hour work period…


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