Car Accident

Blessed Reminder from Our Car Accident

My brothers got into a major accident today with the other party at fault for coming out of a side road. After getting to the scene and checking to make sure my brothers were ok, I proceeded to take pictures of the damage. Noticing the woman sitting in her wrecked car alone, gazing up and down while the tow truck drivers, my dad, and brothers were talking, I went beside her and asked if she was ok or felt any pain.

That’s all it took for her to express thankfulness. Hugging her as she started to cry, allowing her to let out her shock, fear and account of what happened, and continuing to show her kindness and comfort was what she really needed during a time where she felt alone, being from outside the city. Even after knowing it was my brothers she got into an accident with, she called me her angel and blessed God just for receiving comfort and knowing that I was not angry at her and was genuinely concerned for her.

I could have reacted a lot differently and have directed anger at her for endangering my brothers. We could have been annoyed about the inconveniences of the seat belt inflicted pains on my brothers, insurance premium hikes, a totaled car and all the processes that will follow to straighten everything out. But at a time when people are quick to draw out blame and anger towards others who hurt or inconvenience them, I was reminded that what’s truly important is the ability to be able to love them. That’s why I thank Christ for the wonderful love and wisdom he has blessed my family with. That love that has become an example for us to share with others in the toughest situations, and the wisdom to act accordingly in a Christ-like manner is what allowed my family and I to act the way we did.

We know that car was only a temporary item in this world. No point in getting angry over it since that won’t get our car back. Though the woman was at fault, we know that as imperfect humans living in an imperfect world, things like this will surprise us along the way. Holding anger and resentment to the other party will neither help the situation nor will it allow us to move on. Though the situation seemed quite bad, it was another reminder to me about the life and heart transformation from Christ’s love. Thank you Lord for keeping my brothers safe, for allowing us to share your love, for allowing my family to act in a peaceable Christ-like manner, and for showing us that you are in control of all things and teach us from all things if we were only willing to see and learn.

I leave you with some funnier highlights that came out of this accident (yes we even got a laugh or two out of it).

After looking at the car again my dad said “If I knew this car was gonna get into an accident, I wouldn’t have replaced that windshield fluid tank!”

Also, the tow truck driver was impressed about how well my dad maintained our 1999 van. When my dad invited him to pop the hood and look at the engine, he exclaimed “I’ve gotta instagram this!”

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