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Debunking erroneous doctrines and mentalities of Christianity and Christ through God’s Word

Study the bible

Is Protestantism a heresy?

Are the claims from the Catholic Church of Protestantism being a heresy true? Examine the difference between spiritual vs individual interpretation of the bible and what it truly means to learn and understand God’s word.

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making idols out of people

Saints or idols?

There are many rationalizations of elevating and praying to church-appointed saints, Mary and other figureheads, but how do these reasons and practices measure up to God’s word and what He truly wants from those who know the truth?

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who are the saints of God?

Who are the saints?

Saints are not man-ordained nor defined by churches or any miracles/deeds that are claimed under their name during their life. Find out what God’s word says about who the true saints really are and why.

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Do all religions lead to heaven?

Many worldly religions claim you can get to heaven in many different ways. But this false safety net to appease the ego of human beings has already been warned about by Christ. Where will this broad road lead and are you willing to choose the path that is less traveled for salvation?

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