Found that special someone – perfect love

I am in love with the most wonderful person. Always thinking of others, he is compassionate and sensitive. He is respectful, humble and knows just the right things to say/do at just the right time. He never wastes time or idles, always efficient and with the right purpose in everything he does. He isn’t swayed by temporary enjoyments, and has a clear focus of what is important in life by never letting selfish desires get in the way. Even with all that, he knows when to add humour and enjoyment in life’s activities using the most creative and even simple ways.

He understands me better than myself. Not once has he disappointed me. He tells me the truth I need to hear rather than the words I want to hear, and does it with the heart of love for me, so that I can grow to be a better person. He listens to me when I rant and rave, and comforts me when I break down. When I hurt him again and again because of my selfishness, he patiently waits for me to come back and hugs me in his arms again and again. He never provokes me to anger or jealousy, and always makes me feel special. He has sacrificed everything for me.

I feel unfit to be with him. My imperfections are magnified when I see the extent of his love for me in comparison to mine. But he lovingly comforts and assures me that he wants us to be together and that nothing can separate us now that we are together. Strong, smart, selfless, loving, a provider, a best friend; there are too many things about him to mention.

I have found no greater person to spend the rest of my life with. I am confident to say he is perfect in every way and because he is so wonderful, I cannot hold back the urge to tell everyone about him. To share his love with others so they can also come to experience how wonderful it is to know him and love him. His love is more than we will ever experience in our lifetime no matter how far we search. So who is this perfect guy?

His name is Jesus Christ and he is more than just another guy.

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