Christ-centered during trials – start with prayer

For some believers, reliance on Christ through the trials of life can be a difficult thing to do because the focus on Christ is not there.
Instead of communicating to God in prayer, we can easily sink into self-panic when faced with difficult situations. Worrying about ourselves and how we interact with the trial keeps our focus away from finding the proper answer which can only be found when we rely on Christ.
What does prayer do? It helps us to calm our hearts and minds and if done with a proper heart, humbles us in remembering we are in the hands of the God of all creation who has everything in his control and who wants what’s best for his children.
Prayer for the Holy Spirit’s leading will also allow us to receive our answers through God’s written word, the bible. Many tend to forget that the truths in his word are so important in helping us understand how to deal with the troubles of life through His power. So actually spending time to learn what God has to say will equip us to make godly choices while going through trials.
Seeking godly counsel can help us to focus on him in times of trial as well. For support and a fresh mind to help you see things that you may not be able to due to your situation. Godly counsel will give you that support you need with a Christ-centered perspective.
There are many ways to deal with trials and for believers, the first thing we should be thinking is to run to God rather than forgetting him.

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1 thought on “Christ-centered during trials – start with prayer”

  1. Perfection is an improbability, beasuce nothing is impossible. Perfection does not exist in human nature, it can’t beasuce of all of the sin that exists in society. The only place perfection can reside is in Heaven, with our Savior. WHen we die and go to Heaven, we will achieve such perfection, until then, we are imperfect. Because this imperfection is the best we can do/be, it causes our own sort of perfection. Confusing and paradoxial I know, but very true:)

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