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After a long down time due to the site server and domain issues, I’ve finally gotten PandaPad.Com up and running again…somewhat. As you can see, the site is pretty bare bones due to my artist whimsy telling me to scrap my old site and redo EVERYTHING. What does that mean for everyone? Well unfortunately, it means you’ll need to wait a little bit before things start to appear again. I’ll do small roll outs of different sections as they become available but here are some of the things you can expect.

Brand new site design

It's been long overdue but I'm redoing the whole site from the bottom up! It's time to give it the fun, organic illustrative look I've been planning for some time.

Brand new online shop

To emphasize how personal my products mean to me, the shop will relaunch with new and old designs released only for a limited time. It will also feature products that are still either handmade, hand packaged or hand picked by myself.

Brand new illustrations

All new original illustrations featured on the site's new portfolio as well as within the online shop.

VIP Perks

Wanting to give back to my loyal supporters, I plan to release an option to help PandaPad.Com financially on a monthly basis and in return give some nice perks when visiting this site! It will include non-watermarked illustration previews, access to a fan art section in the shop, access to all PandaPad.Com comics and more! Stay tuned, this one might take the longest to implement.

It’s going to be quite journey to get everything back up and running but I hope you will join me in helping to spread the word and get PandaPad.Com up and running for all to enjoy!

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