PandaPad.Com @ Anime North 2018

It’s that time of year again where I venture out into the unknown of Anime North to bring you some of my newest designs for the year. An important thing to note this year is that our booth has moved from its usual location in the dealer’s room so make sure to jot down where we are 😉

Find us at the dealer’s room

Booth# 532-533

New this year

3 New 11x17 Print Pieces

I'll be featuring 3 new prints this year. Paper Cranes, Hark the Herald and Wisteria Maiden will be available along with a lot of classics.

3 New chibi character prints

Chichi monkey, Ram-en and Bubble Kit-tea now have their own chibi counterparts which can be purchases in mini print format!

Limited Design: Asian Flavour

It's been in the vault for some time but I've finally gotten around to printing my Asian Flavour design on some snazzy shirts.

Introducing Ram-en

Ram-en is the newest addition to my collection of cute animal & food characters and will make his debut at the convention!

Classic 3-pack button sets

I've packaged 3-pack button sets featuring my classic Mooncake the bunny and the sushi land designs.

Hand painted packaging

I'm known for my hand crafted packaging and this year, those who buy a shirt will receive them in a hand screen painted craft TEE BAG

God willing my t-shirts will arrive safely (had a bit of a mishap with the printers regarding my order which had me running around like a headless chicken). Commissions are still available if you’d like a custom pencil sketch. Be sure to have your references available!

If time permits, you’ll see me in cosplay this year as Edna from Tales of Zestria and of course you can catch me in the PandaPad.Com booth when I’m not running around poking people with my cosplay umbrella 😀 I look forward to seeing old and new fans alike! 

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