Commissions Open

  • I have decided to re-open doing personal sketch commissions for a limited time. I know many people may not be able to go to the conventions they were hoping to attend this year and because I have been taking a break from the convention scene, it seemed like a good way to bring back a little bit of the convention feel during this time. So for old and new fans a-like, I am offering my convention commission prices for pencil sketches below.

    Pencil Sketch Pricing

  • Chibi $15 each

    Drawn on a 5x8.5 inch card stock.

  • Bust $25 each

    Drawn on an 8.5x11 inch card stock.

  • Full Body $40 each

    Drawn on a 8.5x11 inch card stock.

  • Shipping & Handling TBD

    Depending on whether you want the commission shipped to you through tracking or through regular letter mail will determine the price. Please note that during this time, due to shipping demands through Canada Post, time of delivery may be delayed.

  • Payment Options

  • Interac bank e-transfer is preferred for those in Canada. Paypal is the other option for payment, but commissioners will be required to pay for any extra transaction fees that occur from using the service.

  • How to request a commission

  • NOTE: Please make sure to send proper references of the character(s) you would like to have illustrated. If you have particular poses you would also like to see them in, feel free to also send references for that.

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