Site Policies

We don’t like complicated policies so here’s the basics for PandaPad.Com

Usage of site content

You may not use any designs, characters or images from PandaPad.Com for monetary use unless licensed by the creator. You may not use content from this site for defamatory purposes or use the site content outside of its original purposes. Social media posts of content should be restricted to sharing posts either made by the original creator or with reference to the original page on the site that features this media. You may not re-upload images or media from this site to social media without consent from the artist.

Usage of site services

Be respectful to others who use the website and its services. Any form of conduct that is deemed inappropriate by staff are grounds for suspension of service without compensation, banning from the website, or legal action. If you find a bug on the site, please report it to us right away. Exploitation of loop holes or bugs within our site or service are grounds for banning from the website without subscription compensation and legal action.

Site usage interruption

We are unable to give refunds to subscribers for any slowness or down time that may happen to the website due to server load, upgrades, or other factors outside of our control. If down time spans more than a couple of days, we may take measures to compensate our users with extra content or other perks cause we know how frustrating it is to not get access to the content you want when these things happen.

Information we store/don’t store and why

This site is encrypted using SSL and we will not purposely sell your information to any third party.

We DO store user information you enter into your account on the site only for the purpose of ease and usability for you on this site. Cookies are stored for the purposes of keeping track of cart content while you’re browsing our site, saving your login information/screen display choices, and analytic site traffic purposes. Your information may be shared to law enforcement and other forms of provincial authority in accordance to governmental laws within Canada.

We do NOT store your credit card information on our site for added security reasons but use trusted third party payment gateways that are PCI compliant to securely handle your transactions. We are not liable for any information you share freely to other users on/off this site. In cases of malicious attacks on this site that may expose account information, we will inform you if we find account information compromised in which case we will take the needed precautions to lock down the site database.

By using this site, you agree to the usage conditions specified on this page.